Winding and meandering thoughts

Blog Post created by DonnaMarie on Oct 14, 2019

I love someone who has COPD. I've mentioned it before. Yet, they show no signs of either wanting to quit or quitting. 


Every day, I hear a juicy cough, sometimes worse than others, and most of the time triggered by their lighting and smoking a cigarette.


I cannot make anyone do anything, but I can sit here and not understand the why.


Perhaps, as my husband suggested, they've given up in their desire to quit, the damage having been done. 


This person has done other things to help their situation - going to Silver Sneakers classes at the Y and occasionally taking meandering walks. They eat properly for the most part, though the body weight says there's some snacking going on somewhere   (Also guilty of that one myself!)


I did ask what stage of COPD they had and the answer was "I don't know." I've done some research on COPD as it may be my future for all I know. I smoked off and on from the 70s till almost a year ago, with an 8-year quit in there somewhere. 


Anyway, I'm at a loss right now. I can't help. I can only offer an occasional bravo for lifestyle changes going in the healthy direction.


This person is almost 70. Maybe that's it. Maybe their thinking is that they've gotten this far while smoking that there's no reason to quit.


Yep, I love a person with COPD and I can't do a damned thing about it.



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