Danger Zone

Blog Post created by PastTense on Aug 21, 2019

Tomorrow will give me 3 weeks quit.  I know this is a dangerous time for quitting.  The "threes" are quit killers. 

The third day when the nicotine is nearly out of your body and the addict is screaming for a fix. 

Week Three when the new habits are starting to take root, but the junkie old habits haven't quite died yet.

Month Three when confidence replaces common sense.

I speak only for myself and my extensive experience with quits.

I am following my quit plan and blogging when I feel tired, grumpy, dissatisfied, or tempted.

I am all of those things right now!!  I haven't been able to blog the past few days due to work commitments and activities.  Those same commitments have left me sleep-deprived which is probably why I'm grumpy.  I really thought I would see more improvement in my sinuses (and by extension, they bags under my eyes) by now - 'cuz 3 weeks smober should immediately eradicate the effects of smoking for 35 years.(rolls eyes).


I'm gonna take an aspirin and take a walk.  I'm going to follow my plan.  The Threes are sneaky but I am persistent.


Day 21