Day 185

Blog Post created by DonnaMarie on Jun 20, 2019

I'm still riding the feeling-pretty-danged-good wave. It's amazing how my attitude about everything has changed in a day. No fried esophagus and no ulcerations and no other problems down that way makes me very happy. I just got my life back AGAIN! New knees, quitting smoking, repaired shoulder and fingers...I'm ready to go back to the rec center to start swimming next week. My ortho gave me some guidance on how to build that up, and it will take a while, but it's time to start.

My plan right now is to tighten up control of my diabetes as much as I can without feeling like I'm missing something. It can be done. It will take 2-3 weeks to get the Trulicity out of my body and to start the real healing in the gut. I'm looking forward to it. The whole situation for the last six months has reinforced my quit and I am so invested in this quit that I don't see anything interfering with that.


Life's pretty derned good right now. I see positive things ahead.



Day 185