Plan for Fear

Blog Post created by AnnetteMM on Jun 11, 2019

We are all afraid when we quit.  Search for blogs with the word FEAR and you'll be reading for a week, it's that pervasive.  It's what keeps us from quitting for years.  It's what derails our quits when the withdrawal hits.  Because it will.  It does. 


Withdrawal is the boogeyman.  Why else do commercials for Chantix and Nicorette talk about making it easier?  Actually I hate those commercials because I believe they feed the fear.  It gives control to another substance.


It does no good to deny that withdrawal hurts, it's uncomfortable, it's hard, it's emotional, and it can be overpowering.  And it doesn't last forever.  Having a plan helps to quell the fear. We are in control.


I had a plan, and it involved a calendar. I had one carton of cigarettes when I made my decision. I knew it would last me one week.  I ordered vaping materials ahead of time that would last me three months. I planned my final quit for the end of the vaping supply.  (I don't recommend this for everyone as it is still smoking nicotine and is just as addictive.)


So. I smoked the carton as I normally would.

I switched to the vaping stuff, threw out all the ashtrays and lighters, and cleaned the house.  Washed curtains and bedding. Near the end of the vaping supply, I bought a bunch of Tootsie Pops, Twizzlers, cinnamon tea, peppermint tea.


When the vaping supply was exhausted, I threw all that equipment away.  

I went out of town for Christmas for a week, to a place I knew I could not smoke.


When I got home, I got online and found this group, poured all my emotions into it.


Fear is real. Fear of failure, fear of withdrawal, fear of our own emotions, fear of illness...

But I think if we take a deep breath, come here to talk about it, and have a plan, we can regain control of our lives.


As our dear elder MarilynH always says, it is DOABLE.