Day 175

Blog Post created by DonnaMarie on Jun 10, 2019

Soon it will be one half of one year! Holy frijoles


I saw my endocrinologist today (diabetes doctor) and really, I'm doing as well as I can with the stomach mess. When that is diagnosed and settled, everything else will fall into place. In the meantime, I'll be patient and eat as right as I can, and try to keep my blood sugar numbers down. The endo thinks that one of my diabetes medications might be exacerbating the stomach stuff. We'll find out!


I noticed something recently. Whereas the smell of someone smoking disgusted me and turned my stomach, it doesn't seem to be as bad now. I can tolerate it and don't feel like running away like a little girl. Someone here told me it would be less gross as time went on. It still doesn't make me want a smoke; it's definitely not a trigger. What does seem to be a trigger is boredom. I avoid that as much as possible.


I see that elvan is having a hard time right now, and I send her all the vibes I can to make what is ailing her better.