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Sounds like the title of a Garth Brooks song, doesn't it?


I started physical therapy today. We're going to go very, very slowly for the first few weeks and I think I like this gal. I'm going to a new physical therapy center because I was disillusioned by the one I used to go to for decades. Anyway, another story for another day. The big news is that I'm free of that dumb bumper. I have a long way to go, but the rehab portion of recovery has begun.


After PT today, I wanted a cigarette SO badly. I spent a good amount of time processing the why and have decided it was a way I used to celebrate certain moments in life - like graduating from a sling to no sling. I never truly considered smoking and I don't think I ever will again, but damn, it hit me like a ton of bricks! I'm guessing this kind of thing will happen from time to time for the rest of my life?


While at PT, waiting to be called on, I was talking with the people also waiting. One of them is a woman who hired me for my first hospital job in 1986!!! Amazing. As a side note, she was also a nurse who worked on the maternity ward at the hospital where I was born in 1955. Sometimes, Williamsburg is still a small town. Short encounters like this sure pepper the world with a flavor that I adore. The other person was a gentleman waiting for his wife and we had a fun conversation about robo-calls. He was the nicest guy! I'd say he was older than me, but I really can't tell anymore. When his wife came out, I thanked her for sharing him with me. She understood I was being humorous and we had a grin or two.


I should be typing better and having a little more keyboard time soon and won't make myself such a stranger. Busch Gardens is open this week and next, so now that I can drive again, I'll be going there to walk. I also will be having PT a couple times a week AND my sister and I are getting pedicures Friday! LOL It's the little things, right?


Oh, one more thing. I ordered a really nice pair of shoes with arch support to beat the band. I have plantar fasciitis and refuse to get surgery because shoes keep me from hurting. Anyway, I used quit smoking money to buy these shoes. Now I have a cute little pair of navy blue "flats" that aren't really flat. It was fun to buy and receive them because I know how I paid for them.


Happy Wednesday evening, everyone!



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