Day 116

Blog Post created by DonnaMarie on Apr 12, 2019

5 more days and this ribba rabba schnabba sling comes off. As my neighbor said when I asked her how she was doing after her shoulder surgery months ago, "I am over it." I feel her sentiment.


Can I have her body if I have to wear a sling?


On the quit front, I'm -2 pounds from my 12-pound weight gain from quitting. I'm taking the slow road, but my blood sugar is also very happy with my efforts. I weigh on Fridays and was pleasantly surprised to see another pound gone today. I'm itching to get to 182+ days of my quit so I can call it a half-year! I will absolutely make it to the 6% mark. I'm so derned determined on that front.


This weekend looks like it should be okay. My husband is off to the NASCAR race in Richmond if it doesn't rain. My daughter, who you know moved back to Richmond recently for a new job, is going with him since I'm not in the mood for navigating crowds with this thing on my arm. I'll watch it on television (maybe!). I have no real plans other than to cook and walk, walk and cook, cook and walk some more.


And that's about it for me today. Bored and still watching a lot of TCM movies.



Day 116