Day 87 and dog stuff

Blog Post created by DonnaMarie on Mar 13, 2019

Little bit of a stressful day with Abbey's surgery, but no desire to smoke on day 87. 

They won't know what the growth was until the pathology comes back, but the incision site looks nice and clean, and she's got staples and a collar (I'll put it on her at night) to keep her from chewing on it. Antibiotics for a week or so and pain meds for a couple days, and right now, she's in zombo zombo land just sitting with me. It's doubtful that it's anything but a lick granuloma, but we'll see! I'm positive she'll be fine. My baby, you know


For the rest of the day, I am my dog's *****   And I still won't smoke. 



Day 87