Day 83 and need good thoughts....

Blog Post created by DonnaMarie on Mar 9, 2019

....for my daughter.


My daughter works as an art director for an advertising agency in Boston. You've seen her work if you've ever seen a Jack Daniels ad. She flew in late last night to visit for a while, but more importantly, she's interviewing for her dream job in Richmond (an hour away from us) on Monday. She grew up here, went to college and grad school in Richmond, and has been in Chicago and Boston since then. The job would be pairing her up with her partner from grad school and she said to me if she ever had to choose just one person in the world to work with, it would be him. At any rate, send good thoughts for her on Monday. It would be great to have her closer to home, working the job she's wanted all along, and knowing she's able to settle for a while. 


Having her home also means that today I hit the ground running and go and do what she wants to do, which is fine with me! We're meeting up with her friend (my second daughter almost) and the friend's baby, and we'll have a healthy lunch somewhere. She'll steal my car tonight and meet her husband at the airport as he's secretly coming to town to surprise his parents. Then she'll be back here Sunday. Whirlwind.


It's day 83 in no smoking land. I kinda wanted one this morning, but I think it's due to a change in routine. I have someone sleeping in my living room and when that used to happen, I'd disappear onto the front porch. Today, I chose to bring my laptop into the dining room and read my "paper" and come here instead. It wasn't a big urge, but it got my attention.


Here's to a better day for elvan and everyone here on EX. You all mean the world to me.



Day 83