Day 76 and smoky dream

Blog Post created by DonnaMarie on Mar 2, 2019

For whatever reason, I was my old rationalization self in my dream last night. I had that conversation about how I can have just one, and I did (in my dream) and spent the last part of the dream looking for more. Even in a dream/nightmare, there is no such thing as just one. When I woke up, I was glad that I had been asleep and felt like I had dodged a bullet. Stupid cigarettes. 


My husband is out of town today and I have a whole day to do nothing. A friend called and asked if I wanted to come put manuals together with her, so that's my choice of activity. Am I exciting or what? 


Was my brain trying to tell me that it's okay to smoke? I'm not listening if it was. Or was it giving me a lesson on how I can never smoke again? That's the message I'm taking regardless of what message my subconscious is trying to send. I suspect this will happen again. I just wasn't prepared for it last night. Or are we ever prepared? 


Be gone, smoking dreams!



Day 76 is more important than a dream anyway



Day 76