Day 63 and one heck of an achievement

Blog Post created by DonnaMarie on Feb 17, 2019

Here it is, my smoking trash. It's beside my glider and next to the table upon which lived my puzzles. elvan, next to my ashtray is a tube of bubbles   You encouraged me to buy the, but they didn't do me much good hanging out with my smoking gear. That's a stack of puzzle and two books about quitting smoking, one from the last quit smoking class I went to. Notice how I would go from high test cigarettes to lighter brands. What a joke. We are such liars! But we lie only to ourselves when we smoke. I did my best to get my empty packs in my trash box, double bagged so that no ashes or crap got out, but often, it would overflow, like in this picture.  


This was my world every single morning, no matter the temperature. My beautiful screened porch with a view of the woods and I sat there every day smoking, drinking coffee, and doing puzzles or reading. It can be my world again one day, but it will be on my terms, not the cigarettes' terms. 


On a side note, my husband has cleaned the rest of the porch, including all of the dog hair. I was intent on doing my corner myself. I took the picture not just to show all of you, but to remind me of how gross smoking is. 


I just noticed the little red cups. Those are for my morning pills. Sigh. This is no longer my private spot of depravity.

On a less photographic note, today is a beautiful day 63. That garbage up there has been sitting for 63 days. LOL But I was ready to address it finally. Me and my big trash bag. Look at all those $5 per packs just sitting there. At least $5!


I don't do that anymore. The new normal for me is to enjoy my coffee with creamer with my dog and maybe Perry Mason on TV if it's time. I didn't use creamer before I quit. It's one of the things I changed and it's been working, so I'm going with it. 


I love my 50s style glider and table, and I am going to love reconnecting with them. In due time, Donna; in due time.


Happy Sunday everyone! Celebrate when you toss your smoking trash is something I'm going to remind newbies from now on. 


  • You're not giving up a thing when you quit smoking; you are gaining everything.
  • An urge is not a command to smoke.
  • Not One Puff Ever (N.O.P.E.)
  • You don't do that anymore.
  • Smoking is not an option. 
  • Celebrate when you dispose of all your smoking regalia and trash. 


Thank you to everyone here who has helped and is helping me quit and stay quit. You're all more valuable than you'll ever know.



Day 63