Conclusion-life is a trigger.

Blog Post created by Jeanmarc19561 on Feb 5, 2019

Hi Everyone, Just ranting a bit and perhaps be of help as well. I'm on my 6th day of not smoking and all of you know what that entails. Having gone through the process countless times I've come to expect a certain pattern. That the first three days would be the most difficult and somewhat ease a bit after that. Well this time was different. It was starting on the fourth day that I started experiencing urges with alarming frequency. So I pulled back a bit and gave it some thought. I'm 62 and started smoking at 15. What that means is that there is probably no time in my life when I didn't have a cigarette in any given circumstance. Feeling good, light up. Feeling down, light up. Under stress light up. Excited or bored, light up. And on it goes. Heck, I remember a time when I was in the Army I fell asleep smoking! But that realization did not answer the question as to why so many urges after three days. Then it hit me. I have a great deal of patience with other people but not so with myself. The thought process was lets get through the first three days then move on. Git er done as they say. That isn't how it works when quitting. You need to be patient. Deal with each urge as they come, know that more will come, but trust the folks here when they say it does get better and the urges are less frequent. I guess being patient with yourself is part of being good to yourself. I hope this is a benefit to someone. Just thought of something, how about if when an urge strikes we quickly think of something we're grateful for?