Doctor is finally listening to me!!

Blog Post created by minihorses on Jan 4, 2019

I went to the doc's office Wednesday for my 6-month tune up and oil change.  I told him again about my right index finger being numb and that I'm constantly dropping things from both hands.  I also told him about my short term memory loss.  I will be speaking a sentence and often completely forget what I was saying and hints of what I was talking about don't help to remember.  I also can't remember words I was just using although I'm more worried that I completely forget entire conversations.  I'm worried that I may have the onset of Alzheimer's Disease.  My dad had it and so did his mother.  We had to sell my childhood home in one town and buy one in a different town that could accommodate her living with us. New high school and I couldn't really have friends because I had to come home from school every day to relieve the daytime caretaker and resume the care of her until my mom got home from work. 

I also spent 3 years working in the severe Alzheimer's unit at a nursing home.  Then I watched my dad go downhill.  My mom never put him in a home. She took care of him until he quit eating and she had to put him in the hospital.  He died at the age of 78. The old battle axe herself is 89 and still going strong even though my sister swears she's losing her mind.  After her 'lovely' Thanksgiving visit I knew she hadn't lost anything more than typical aging issues like forgetting what the correct word is that she wants to convey.  She can still kick her legs like a Rockette which literally makes her doctor absolutely amazed. 

I've told everyone that if I develop Alzheimer's please take me out back and shoot me 'cuz I don't want anyone to have to go through the care of me.  "They shoot horses don't they?"  

So off to the neurologist I go on the 15th and hopefully they can tell me something.  At least it's a starting point if nothing else.