A 4th of JULY Surprise!

Blog Post created by princessdeb on Jul 5, 2018

On Wednesdays, my best friend and her husband have a small potluck get together that we call happy hour.  There are about 14 of us that always participate.  There isn't one smoker in the group!  Last night as I was getting ready to leave, Freddie said to wait just a minute.  She went into her house and came out with a beautiful gift bag .  She told me to get into the center of everyone and she said that she was so proud of me for making it almost 1 month smoke free.  Everyone started clapping and I felt so happy.  Freddie knows how I love to read fantasy themed books...I read a lot more since I quit smoking.  In the bag were 2 fantasy themed books written by a gentleman who is a seasonal resident here.  She got him to sign the books. What a great surprise 

Deborah 27 DOF