17 DOF ~ I want to stop my NRT~ HELP

Blog Post created by princessdeb on Jun 25, 2018

Hi everyone!  I want to stop using the lozenges! I used three 2 mg yesterday.  Last one at 5:30 last night.  I've been getting through the cravings today without them...19 hours without!  I was keeping busy this morning but now I'm dog sitting for the day and I've experienced crying bouts several hours on and off.  What is helping me get through this is being here!!  

Has anyone experienced coming off an NRT? I don't want any nicotine in my body anymore ~ I want it gone!!!    I'm having pretty strong urges...and the first thought I have is to pop a lozenge!  That's just feeding the nicotine!!! I know that I won't die from the cravings but I hate crying.  How long is this going to last?  I've been dealing with the psychological part of it but not the physical part because I pop a lozenge!   I need your help to get through this....