logic goes out the window

Blog Post created by JonesCarpeDiem on May 22, 2018

"We start dying from the day we are born."


      I had a guy on Quora say that in defense of having a couple cigarettes a day.


      Someone asked if a couple cigarettes a day were bad for you and I explained one cigarette can cause a heart attack or stroke and that your risks for both are substantially increased by smoking one or two a day.


      This guy says it isn't so and I tell him to google it and get back to me.

While he was doing this, I found at least 6 links backing up what I said. (these are 2018 articles based upon new studies.)


      He comes back with (only) one of the links and says "It only mentions one cigarette can cause a stroke in the title."  I tell him he needs to go to all the links I found and tell them they are wrong.


Then he comes back with this


"We start dying from the day we are born"


He doesn't understand