Go suck on a straw

Blog Post created by JAA13 on May 19, 2018

so, it sounds like a nice way to “tell someone off” right?  Well, it’s a way to tell to convince yourself this is a silly habit we have gotten ourselves into. I have cut a straw I got from a fast food restaurant into the length of a cigarette and stuffed the very end of it with a tightly rolled cotton ball. 


Now, when I feel the urge for a smoke, I go outside just like I used to and “puff” on my fake cigarette. I suck, inhale deeply, kind of hold my breath a second, then exhale. Just as if I were really smoking. But it’s delicious!!!! It’s pure beautiful clean air!


Then, I take a few more “drags” and think to myself, “well, isn’t this silly?! I am standing in the rain, puffing on a plastic straw!”  So, I put the straw back into my pocket. Then, I go back in the house grossed out for even the thought of sucking on a cigarette that would directly fill my lungs with pollution. 


“Fresh air is much better,” I think to myself. Then, I read my list of reasons I wanted to quit that I have posted everywhere. I am happy I just won another round on day one. I WON! 


But really, deep breathing is relaxing, it’s calming, it’s healthy and not polluting the air and my body. I know this is only day one, but I am doing it! I am an EX!!!! I am going to keep doing this, even in public, after eating out, every day and every time I have an urge. Then eventually, I will think it is just too silly to suck on straws, take a few deep breaths and put down the straw for good.