♡ My thoughts are with all Mothers ♡

Blog Post created by MarilynH on May 13, 2018

Let's all continue stacking up those precious DOF no matter what, I love Dale's saying that I don't do that anymore, I tried to help a couple of family members last night that were drunk and chainsmoking ugh I knew better than drive over in the first place when my nephew opened the door I literally lost my breath and stepped outside I'm so glad that I don't smoke anymore and everyone that chooses to quit CAN Quit as Dale says keep them away from your face and the only way out is through! Life happens whether we smoke or not and choosing NOT is key to a Smokefree Life I'm so thankful that I wised up and took back my life from the clutches of the nicotine poison after 40 yrs of slavery, no matter how long you smoked as long as you believe in yourself and are willing determined and totally committed to succeed then you will be successful having the right mindset is key to a lifetime of Freedom and boy oh boy it's so worth it to be reaping the benefits of being an Ex Smoker. My thoughts are with all of the Moms reading this especially all of the Moms like me that have lost our Mothers huge hug coming to each of you and my thoughts and prayers are with our Nancy this morning too xo.