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Good morning all,




Still working the case for my missing daughter. But along the way I noticed something. Everything I’m experiencing right now is easier and you know why? (Well, besides the support I receive).


When I quit smoking I was so addicted that those cigarettes filled every single aspect of my life. I had to learn to deal with the constant nagging that quitting brings. I had to find ways to distract myself from the current condition in order to succeed.


Now, when I find myself in one of the; if not THE most trying time in my life, I have all these tools that I learned so long ago. I cope in much the same way as when I quit. The difference is that the endless background noise is a soul searching for another soul, always wondering and keeping thoughts positive all the while knowing that in this case, the outcome is not in my control.


But how I get to that outcome is something that I CAN control, and so long as I know in my heart that I’ve done everything humanly possible to find her, it eases the pain just a little. And as the days pass and the realization becomes more clear that there’s only two likely outcomes, it is still possible to stay positive, just as I did when I quit smoking.


My point is that everything you learn about yourself during preparation and after is something that you will carry with you for the rest of your life! And it’s something that can be applied to any adversity.


So the next time you feel like all this learning is a waste of time, think again! Everything learned can propel you into a new and wonderful life. One that can be enjoyed with confidence and pride that only comes from self understanding. So keep learning my friends! It’ll help you for the rest of your life!








For those following my missing daughter, I was up helping the PI research what he needed for half of the night. The trip to Denver is helping in a lot of different ways, the main one being that I now have contact information for all that need to be involved.


The next few days will be the most telling. I can tell that they’ve already filled in a lot of the blanks on her case and they obviously have better resources than any of us would, so I’m really hoping that this investigation gives us what we need to find her!


As always, if you haven’t yet shared and liked her facebook page and shared the gofundme page, please do so! The more people that see her face and understand that she is missing the better. Now, back to searching and thanks!




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