The light of love

Blog Post created by chuck-2-20-2011 on Apr 29, 2018

 I posted this to my facebook page as well as Falons missing page. One never knows, she might actually see it if I get it out there. As for other news, the research part of the investigation has now begun. Next will come leg work. The family will be doing as much if it as possible to save money and because - well - we need to stay busy to stay sane. 


 As each day passes, our fear grows. That's why an investigator is so important. Because he can see things without the shroud of emotion that we can't help but include in everything we do right now.


The PI told us that the amount of work we've already done was amazing and will allow him to focus on the core of the case rather than having to gather initial information, so our time so far has not been wasted. As always, if you haven't yet, please share and like Falons missing person face book page to all that you can. 


Will be in touch and as always, thank you for all of your support. You can't believe how much it helps and keeps me sane!




To Falon,


There is always light after the darkness. A rainbow hidden within every thundercloud. All we have to do is see it! In this case of you, my missing daughter, that rainbow is unconditional love. For even if you don’t know it, there is so much love being poured out of so many hearts for you.


You are in the thoughts and hearts of so many, some of whom don’t even know you. Understand that I don’t care why you went missing. All that matters to me is that you’re safe. All that matters to me is that I can hug you one more time. That you can once again share your love with your loving and beautiful daughters.


We may have had some rough times between each other, but we’ve also had some incredibly wonderful times and always, there was love. Always, there was the shimmering light that can only come from the soul.


Even when I stupidly left Tasha and you and Brandon and Angela and Micheal behind, there was love, for my love has always been unconditional. And when we lost each other for all those years, my heart wept. When I called the number where you lived and someone else answered, I knew I had lost you and my son, but the love was still there for my love is unconditional.


Remember the joy we felt when we reunited? How we frolicked and had an incredible summer of bonding. And as we had more ups and downs, our love for each other was always there because our love is unconditional.


I long to unite with you again. To see your smile and to know that you are safe, for my love is unconditional. No matter what has happened. No matter what we might need to do to help your life be what you want it to be, we will because the love from all of us is unconditional.


Please return to us FAlon. Let us feel the joy of your presence once more. I will never, ever stop looking for you, for like the strength that is the light of the sun, my love for you is unconditional.


Your loving father,


Chuck (Dad)