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Blog Post created by chuck-2-20-2011 on Mar 16, 2018

Good day EXer’s!!


I just love it when I have the time to communicate with all of you dedicated people! I mean, where else do you find people not only concerned about their futures, but where people actually CHANGE that future. It’s wonderful to see every time it happens.


When I first came to this site, I came as a person about to face a new unknown. And that unknown generated fear within me. I started reading and discovered that I wasn’t alone. Not only in my feelings but in my fear of finding freedom. I found encouragement. Something I needed. And understanding. Something that helped me to grow. This place was just enough to make me believe that I really had a shot at freedom for the first time in decades!


Sometimes that’s all we need. That little nudge to step onto the path. That gentle understanding of what another might be going through. But most of what makes this place amazing is what comes from inside of each and every one of us that comes here. What we bring to this community is something that cannot be typed or seen.


No, what we bring here is an idea. A thought that we want to see become a reality. A glimmer of freedom and the desire to see it more fully. We come here with a crack in our addiction, seeking a way out now that our souls have seen the truth that is addiction.


We build hope for a brighter future and yes, quite often we see others hope become the reality of yet another incredible quit. That’s why I still come here. It isn’t because my quit is in danger. No. It’s to share the wonders of freedom with those who might seek it. It’s to let others know that it’s OK to be scared. It’s OK to be confused. We understand better than most because we’ve been there!!


So gather up that resolve. Gain all of the knowledge you can and step on that path to the wonderful future you’re about to create. Though the battle must be fought from within, we’re here to remind you that it’s worth it. We’re here to help you to stay focused on the wonderful accomplishment that you chose to achieve.


Always keep your focus on the prize of freedom and before long, when the addiction calms and the divided mind becomes whole again you will feel a pride like so many have felt for you see, over time and perhaps without even realizing it, you free forever!