Happy Valentine's Day - Quit Day!

Blog Post created by Christine13 on Feb 14, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day!  Quit day for me today.  As all of you know I don't have my Forever Man with me anymore, but I sure as heck can honour his memory by doing the thing that was most important to him, and quit this stinking addiction for good!  I am mad as HELL at myself that I haven't been able to keep quit.  So for myself, for my kids, grandkids and the new great grandbaby on the way, I CHOOSE to kick that NICODEMON in the butt today, and say NO more you can't have me anymore.  I'm fighting mad, I'm mad at myself, but by GOD, I will do this now, No more freaken excuses.  When I see what Ellen has been through recently with her husband I am astounded, and inspired by her strength, and she never returned to the smokes!

I will use the patch and nicotine lozenges as needed.  I will make something good out of this sad day.

Life is good if you make it that way!  I am grateful to all my EX friends here for putting up with me for so long!!

Love you all!!