The farther away

Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on Dec 22, 2017

It is really nice and peaceful I am enjoying this day..... I no longer HAVE to get death sticks to cope with MY inside thoughts of myself and MY life in MY PAST...... for My God Jesus has healed ME inside.... I use to smoke one after the other in MY PAST! Now I come to share by blogging how far MY God Jesus has brought ME to share the rembering of gratitude not one puff over ME and getting help for MY issues of immaturity by joining groups with other believers who follow MY God Jesus and they to want to grow up and NOT be complainers or blamers any more and to get along with other women and men and for me I try to love from MY inside out with MY Holy Comforter to lead ME in love joy and peace and no longer filled with fears and insecurity to be a people pleasing and give my life to toxic people who are spiritual bankrupt and giving my life to abusers in THE PAST I USE TO BE filled inside with wicked evil thoughts and vengeful from childhood wounds but NOT anymore for MY God Jesus healed ME inside with  no desire to escape for MY God Jesus and ME have made peace with each other and I am so joyful to be free from MY PAST bondage life and be set free to enjoy MY God Jesus eternal life now to eternity in Jesus name amen Jesus is the reason I do not use nicotine and please take what HELPS and let go of the rest not one puff over ME! Farther away from death stick life is wonderful fantastic and amazing in Christ Jesus for ME! Thanks for letting ME be me and share MY recovery with any who so evers.