Do not let life's BS screw with your Quit!!!

Blog Post created by MarilynH on Nov 10, 2017

Life is going to happen whether we smoke so when I was in the early wks of my quit, actually it was right around my 30 day mark, this BS is the one that I really remember because I was talking to my younger sister that asked me a question so I started to answer and she started yelling at me so I hung up on her and threw my cordless phone across the room but thankfully it did'nt break and as badly as I wanted a cigarette I wasn't about to relapse so I came here and blogged about it and was helped through it. We are in charge of our quits not the people & the circumstances around because we have a choice whether to blow up our quits or to stand tall and plow through and believe it or not life really does get easier and easier with time under our belts which makes our lives, so much better so hang on tight, stick with N.O.P.E. & Vigilance because S.I.N.A.O. so H.A.L.T. -  Keep stacking those Days WON......Believe in yourself!