Update on Appointment

Blog Post created by Fee33 on Oct 26, 2017

Okay so I have to do a EGD on Wednesday on November 8th at 10:45 he said the ammonia is least of his worries that's nothing to worry about also what he's worried about is my labs show platelets being high he said don't worry we will figure it all out and find out why your stomach bloats an why your labs r always abnormal he said you been tested for hemp abc I said yes he said yes I seen all negative he said okay you have a history of stomach cancer on your dad's side of the family I said yes I do my mawmaw passed away from it he said okay when you come back for this test I will have answers for you. So I will be sedated so I need a driver lol who wants to drive me hahaha jk jk my husband is gonna be there with me y'all all keep me in yall prayers