Good Morning - Happy Smokefree Day!!

Blog Post created by Christine13 on Oct 19, 2017

Good Morning fellow Ex's.  I'm happy this morning because I am free from the smokes.  Everything is getting better now and Brian's fractured leg is starting to heal.  He still has to do physio and it will take another 5-8 weeks before he can start walking again.  Finally, finally, I can see my way through all this and I know keeping quit is the best thing to do.  I have an appointment coming up with an oral pathologist.  Those are the experts on finding oral cancer.  A couple of spots along my gums have changed.  MORE reason to keep my quit, and I'm praying for good news Oct. 30th.

I won't find out until evening as my appointment is 7:15 p.m.  Quitting and staying quit are my only options.

I WILL, delay, distract, deep breathe through my cravings and will be drinking a ton of water.  

I am hoping to get to Yoga class today as everything here is getting better, as long as I'm not too tired today.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day, because I plan on it!!