Do expect the unexpected

Blog Post created by Fee33 on Oct 2, 2017

I don't need to hang my head down low because I once was a smoker I need to lift my head up high an enounce I am gonna keep fighting the good fight if you have people around you who want to see you quit thank them everyday for being that hope that you feel is gone by letting go of something that is literally killing you day by day by day you only got three choices in life give up give in or give it all you got!!!! So yes expect the unexpected Because what's lying around that corner is What?? Anyone know.... Yes FREEDOM of the smell of nicotine on your clothes the stuff inhaled daily that is literally killing you making you look older then you really or freedom from being a darn slave to a stinky cancer stick freedom of feeling hopeless an a loser and all the feelings your feeling that what we do stuff down because you needed someone to talk too but you just stuffed it down into a cigarette inhaling it deep into your lungs and thinking that actually helped the situation when in reality why we don't know about reality because that darn cigarette made us stuff all those feelings in it but now we see hear smell breathe taste different we feel different we look different the smile is bigger an bigger as everyday goes by we cry we scream an guess what we still survive it all so it's okay to expect the unexpected. I hope this helps someone it's all from my heart "Fee33" aka Felicia