It's not nice to stare

Blog Post created by bonnie.s on Jun 9, 2017

Yesterday while coming up a ramp to merge onto a major highway I was stopped by a female flagger.  Oh great, I thought, construction!  Now I'm one to mind my manners and I learned young that staring is not polite.  Yesterday I was not polite!  At first I looked ahead as I sat there for what seemed forever.  I started getting impatient, thinking when is this lady going to let me go, I've places to be.  Then it happened!  Out the corner of my eye I saw her light up.  I look.  No.  I stare!  She was really woofing it down.  Puff after puff without coming up for air.  I remember thinking what a bad fit she was having and how long it must have been since she had had her last.  Yes, I could relate to that ugly image.  I remembered the satisfaction of that first long drag.  How it would bring instant relief to all my woes.  What I didn't remember is just how ugly that feeling is.  I thought back to the jitters, dizziness, feelings of anger, lack of concentration on anything other than getting my fix.  I thought about how when my break time would come, how I would knock anyone over in my way as I headed for the nearest designated smoking area.  I WAS sick!  She (the flagger lady) IS sick!  Not only is she sick but she's so very unattractive.  I mean really!  Why did no one ever tell me how unattractive I looked puffing away like that, killing myself!  My stomach was in knots by the time she waved me past.  I feel bad for her.  She's killing herself in the most ugly manner.