Blog Post created by Alice23 on Jun 8, 2017

When I first quit, and I would visit this site, I was always motivated by those people who had months and years of quitting to report.


I would see someone with 6 months in and think "oh man, if I can quit for 6 months, I can quit for life!"  or if someone had a year or 3 or 7 -  I would just yearn to be able to say that I had a year or more in.  I would look at those posts, sometimes ashamed of all the quits I wrecked.  If I had stayed quit when I was 27 - I would have years and years under my belt.  ( but there wasn't the internet that long ago to report it hahahah). 


My point is this.  Here I am ...over 6 years quit - I am in that spot I longed to be in when I first started coming to this site. 



This blog today - is to encourage and motivate you.  It might seem like a long way off - that year anniversary - that 6 month or 6 week anniversary.  Those days and months and years are going to pass anyway .....sail along as a NON smoker!


I'm cheering you on!