Here ya go to both Nancy's

Blog Post created by shashort on May 28, 2017

Hello everyone hope all is having a great Sunday. Per threat @YoungAtHeart hahahaha jk there ya go messy hair and all lol also thank you SkyGirl for taking the picture for my new avitar lol  oh yeah and Giulia you are a great teacher, hope the glue sticks haha.

So sad Virginia trip is behind us but now to look forward to EX6.  I got my phone back in the mail yesterday YAY! YAY!  OH didn't tell everyone about my missing CPAP that came up missing on my bus trip home on the 23rd but YAY OH YAY!!!!! I got it back today and am I going to sleep good.tonight.  And again great to meet everyone love and hugs until next year.  Remember Commitment, determination and NOPE = Success.