I have some confessions to make.

Blog Post created by JACKIE1-25-15 on May 26, 2017

Confession #1

I was very EXcited that  EX was coming to my town and thrilled that I was saving $$$$$$.  

Confession #2

Along with that EXcitement came a little bit of anxiety. This was my first EX reunion. What will it be like?  How will I be received?  

Confession #3

Oh well it was good, and it got better and better and better. I got to spend a grand time with some of the most special, kind, funny, thoughtful, and considerate folks I have met.  I had a grand time in my own town with EXer's.

Confession #4

There was a moment (hunger attack)and had to wait late for dinner.  When hungry, I turn into an Angry Black Woman.  Thanks to Youngatheart.7.4.12's kettle popcorn you did not get to see it.    

Confession #5

Sometimes we take what we are blessed with for granted.  Thanks to all of you for reminding me how much fun it can be living here.  

Confession #6

And then it was over. Some I had not been able to only spend a short time with and still wanted to get to know you all a little better. 

Confession #7  I was so sad and felt so alone, enough like crying  Gosh what the hell!   Well, I had my memories and I starting posting them to my bulletin board and sharing pictures here online. That made me feel better....and then I got the call fromShawnP  "flight delayed".  

Confession #8   Sorry for your delay but glad to help and have your company.  I knew right away it was meant and heaven sent.   I got a chance to spend quality time with a very special young lady.  Thank you God.  

Confession #9  I wanted to make a strawberry shortcake for you guys but never got to it.

Confession #10  "Love you all the most".  Can hardly wait for EX6!