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Blog Post created by chuck-2-20-2011 on Apr 20, 2017

Did you ever want something so badly and yet you just couldn’t find a way to have it? I mean a desire for something that just seems impossible to have. Like a goal that can’t be shaken. A dream of going somewhere wonderful on vacation even if you can’t afford it. Or a house that you want so badly, and yet it just seems impossible to get it.


And yet in life, we do get these things. We do find a way to get what we really want. So why is quitting smoking so different? It’s something that we all want to do before we actually do it. And yet, unlike finding the means to buy that house, we don’t seem to want to invest everything we’ve got into a quit.


I completely understand those feelings because once, many years ago that person was me. I knew I needed to quit, I just couldn’t wrap my mind around the concept of quitting something that I was so sure I was fond of.


I was truly lost and addicted, seemingly beyond the point of no return. I struggled for years with the concept of quitting before I ever actually did it. But when I finally made my choice, then I poured everything I had into that choice. I became obsessed with the concept of quitting long before I ever put out that last cigarette.


And it really does take that kind of commitment. It takes a desire to see a totally different world that really was always there, except it was hidden in shadows by a cloud of smoke. Peering through the cloud of addiction into the life that could be can be a number one motivator to finding success on the path to freedom.


At least it was for me. When I pictured freedom and what a free life would be like, I couldn’t help but persu it. Just like for most, the path was hard at first but never did I think I couldn’t do it. Never did I let myself believe that I might fail. And I knew that the only way to remain free in those first hard weeks was to remain focused on the prizes ahead, rather than thinking that it had to be hard.


And that’s where I am now. Focused on the wonders of freedom and that new life that I realized was no dream. The life that I’m living now and you know what? The memories of my quit and those first hard days are now just that. Nothing but a memory . . .