Thank you from a new elder

Blog Post created by Daniela2016 on Mar 12, 2017

Thinking this is so intimidating, desired, hard to obtain name, and now that I get it, makes me feel old, somehow?  One is never really happy, are we?  Of course I am, how many of us starting here actually make it to the 6%, thanks Giulia for adding me to the list?


This is just meant to be the shortest note, just to say how wonderful it feels to be surrounded by people who gave me a  chance from the very beginning, and supported me along the way!


Do things change when you become an "elder", they sure do, there is a huge sense of responsibility that comes with it, one of pride for making it here, but mostly of huge gratitude for the people who helped me get here!


And it really does not matter the platform we are using today, or we used a year ago, those who want to help, and change people lives for the better are here, with the same words of encouragement (even new ones), the same scientific facts about our common addiction, the same tools to make us commit as a team, the same technical abilities they share with us for making easier to communicate, the same love and tenderness sharing their past, or current challenges, to make us feel we belong here!


And once we really feel we do, we feel part of this community, weather or not we are here every day, we shall remain forever EX.