Do it for you!

Blog Post created by Jaded on Mar 9, 2017

Wow does time fly. Didn't realize how long it's been until I received an email about my past blog post. I do hope that my words have helped others, even if it were only one person. That's one person who is smoke free. I am happy to say that it will soon be my 9 year anniversary of being smoke free!! 


Unfortunately along the way, I lost my mother who had battled COPD for the past 8 of those years. She did quit smoking, however the damage had already been done. I wish she would have had the resources that are readily available to help smokers quit that we now have today. Maybe she to would have quit before the damage was so severe. 


If I can help anyone please feel free to send me a message. And remember, you can do it anything if you really want it.