Blog Post created by chuck-2-20-2011 on Mar 7, 2017

When we first started smoking, we created a foundation for our addiction. And that foundation was based on lies. Those first cigarettes tasted horrible and yet we found ways to tell ourselves that they were actually wonderful.


As we continued on building a foundation of deception it became slowly more believable. You know, the thoughts of how we looked to others when we smoked. Thoughts of how relaxing the cigarette is. Thoughts of having a friend when we’re bored or driving, just to keep the old mind occupied.


When we find ourselves wanting a cigarette, rather than wonder why we want it so bad, we simply ignore the fact that we’re addicted and head out for that wonderful smoke. This is what allows us to build on our foundation of deception. We ignore reality because for some reason a reality smoke free just doesn’t sound right.


And then one day, we see through the deception that we’ve created. We see that what we were thinking was all wrong. That in reality we have a choice. But how do we get out of a deception created by our own minds?


This is what makes quitting so hard. We’ve perceived a reality of lies for so long that the lies seemed normal. But somehow, so many have seen through this deception and found a desire to change. When that happens, we tend to peer into the future. To wonder what life would really be like without the old ball and chain.


This is a pivotal moment in our lives and once we really decide that we want to change our reality into something more rational, the quit begins.


Sure it’s hard at first. Why wouldn’t it be? We get the double whammy of a physical withdrawal along with a divided mind. Because we’ve deceived ourselves for so long, it seems like our world is turned upside down at first.


We have to create a new foundation to stand on and what takes time is accepting a new reality. The mind endlessly reminds us of what used to be normal. And yet the rational side of us argues with the addicted side that no, our addiction is not normal. Smoking is not normal.


We have to literally demand that what we used to call normal isn’t anymore. That’s why it takes time to rip the tentacles of addiction out of ourselves. But eventually as our minds begin to calm, we discover the deception that we lived for so long. We have to forgive ourselves that deception and move on into the rational world that we create the moment we put out that last cigarette.


Go for it! Cast away your deception and turn it into something wonderful! It may take a little time, but there’s so much peace to look forward to. The mind becomes so much clearer when we quit living a lie and begin to live a reality.


And eventually we really do become free of ourselves and the addiction we built over all those long years. Freedom awaits you! Make that your new reality. Make freedom your mantra and always look forward to that wonderful day when the cloud of addiction is lifted and life becomes what it should be. The normal that was always there. That’s where the peace comes from. Reality!!


And speaking of reality, I’m off to work!