hopefully some normalcy

Blog Post created by vanlil on Oct 17, 2017

Well after the hurricane - roof fixed and ugly debris piles being removed.  My husband back in therapy for balance issues which is still denies having even though his last one took him to Miami in a helicoptor I still haven't picked up a cigarette.  That is a miracle for me.  I will be seeing a therapist on Monday for support because with all of this  stuff and trauma I am shaky and even afraid to drive.  Just not myself. I have hired a wonderful nurse aide to get my husband out for rides, etc. My fibromyalgia on both feet prevents me from shopping and walking for only short times. Painful but I don't want to get heavy duty meds because I like having a clear head. Dr. put me on very mild stuff (he calls it baby doses ) and that suits me just fine. It sure feels good getting back to Ex family.