78 Days!

Blog Post created by terri54 on Sep 21, 2011

Trying to make some time to come to my favorite place to say Hi!  78 days today, I am amazed!  Time just slips away when you're busy with life and work.  I was walking into work the other day and carrying a bunch of stuff and I though - "If I was smoking I wouldn't be able to carry all this stuff because I would be holding a cigarette and needing to puff away."   Another evening last week I was in my living room and watching TV with my husbund and he was smoking and I couldn't bear for him to blow his smoke my way.  a couple of weeks ago I was walking out of a building on campus and there was a girl smoking and it hit me out of the blue - I had the worse craving for a smoke and my daughter that smokes was with me but I didn't ask her for one.  I just thought to myself - "I am a non-smoker".  I was having some very stressful moments 2 weeks ago Sunday and I really wanted a cigarette and I always go back to smoking when I am stressed but this time I decided that I am a non-smoker now.  One puff leads to the next and the next and the next then I am a smoker but I didn't smoke that evening.  I have remained a non-smoker and I am happy that I can tell the entire EX community about it.