Blog Post created by stAn3 on Sep 23, 2019

I have almost 14 months not smoking. I think of smoking occasionally. It is the same triggers—anxiety, dry mouth, tired. I noticed I haven’t been to becomeanex in a while and that’s not good. I refuse to fight this disease on my own again. It is good to see posts from new members, people with a few days smoke-free. For me I rarely think of smoking. Only in hindsight do I realize I’ve walked through a situation which used to trigger me. Situations that were so hard to get through in the beginning do not arouse a thought of smoking for me anymore.


in my life I have been in my apartment for about a month. I made it through my first round of classes. I was going crazy last week with all my assignments coming due at once. I didn’t smoke over it. I don’t remember even struggling to stay smoke free. School-related stress is what I worried the most about. This fear has has kept me from going to graduate school. Now I made it through that situation. I don’t have to smoke. N.O.P.E. keeps coming to mind. No matter what happens, there is never a valid excuse to smoke.