Blog Post created by stAn3 on Sep 18, 2018

I feel really good. I’m not just in a good mood. I feel positive about my life. I’m almost done with nicotine replacement. My body is no longer as dependent on the nicotine patches. I signed up for Netflix yesterday because I am saving way more money than a Netflix subscription costs by not buying nicotine products anymore. I look forward to the money continuing to add up as I take away the needless expenses related to smoking. Overall I just accept my life the way it is. It’s a good life. The depression hasn’t hit me like I thought it would. I am still vigilant. I won’t smoke over it. I can tell you that much. I saw my therapist a couple of days ago and he only wants to see me once every three months. I’ve been seeing him once a month for years. It’s more validation that I’m developing into a sane, capable human being. I’m equal to anyone, even though I have several mental health diagnoses. Recovery is possible with work and perseverance!