Waiting for the coffee to brew...

Blog Post created by sharon110 on Sep 16, 2018

While I have many wonderful examples to share about being a non smoker, one that always intrigues me is what I can get done waiting for the coffee to brew. The time that quitting has put in to my life these past five years is something that I treasure. I can get dishes done, mop a floor, clean a toilet, start laundry, say a prayer, or take a minute to be thankful. ALL before my coffee is brewed. I gained time in my life when I quit, and holding my quit makes me realize what I have gained in life. Not only have I added years to my life, I have the time to enjoy it. 


There was a time when I would have a cigarette while waiting for my coffee, and then another to enjoy it. I quit drinking coffee for a time to hold my quit, as it was a huge trigger. I enjoy my coffee more now, and my life is so much more of a blessing to me in every way. I treasure every simple moment. Quitting gives you so much time to do what matters in life. 


Hang on to your quit! It truly is the best thing ever.