Big Announcement

Blog Post created by pir8fan on Jun 28, 2018

On Saturday morning, June 30th 2018, I will come to this keyboard much like I did on January 31st 2011! In 2011 I penned the first run of The Freedom Train! On Saturday, I will write and post the final run of  The Freedom Train!  

I hope the occasion will be light and fun like the many celebrations of the past! To that end, I will not discuss here the reasons that led up to this decision! However, I am pretty sure all of you know how to reach me if you want to talk!


Please find some time to stop by and party with us this weekend, and please share this message with our friends that may not see this blog! Come by and share your "THANKS" with all the people who, through the years, have worked so hard to make this OUR FREEDOM TRAIN!        Thank You!          Tommy