Report from Betty (aka Froguelady)!

Blog Post created by pir8fan on Aug 6, 2016

I am sure that many of you have read Sootie's last two blogs updating the health issues of our Dear Froguelady.

This morning I come here to bring you more news! It is not great news! Betty met with her doctor yesterday to schedule the begining of her chemo therapy! She ask her doctor if her cancer is curable! She was told that it is treatable, but not curable. When she ask about the time frame, she was told that it depended on how effective the chemo is. This does not sound encouraging, but keep in mind that even the best doctors do not know everything, and many discount the power of prayer!

I, along with those of you who attended EX III in Nashville, and a few others here, have had the honor of meeting Betty! She has sparkle in her eyes that brings an easy smile to your face! She is the personification of all that is good about our community! She has been solid in her quit, and a staunch supporter of all of us in our quits as well! Today, the trials that she faces will serve to remind us all of the consequences of our actions!

Please join me as I sink to my knees to send up prayers on behalf of our friend! So many of you were there with your prayers for me when times were tough! Let's give Betty the confidence to respond to her doctor's belief that there is no cure with the words I used a couple of times myself! "I know that this is bad, but you don't know how many people are praying for me!"

Prayers, and Love, and Hugs headed your way Betty!