Blog Post created by pir8fan on Sep 7, 2015

As I talk with people I meet, this site often come up in the conversation! From smokers, people who are new to quitting, or those who have never smoked the questions I get are always "Whys?".

#1. Why does this site make a difference?

#2. Why do people who have tried before and failed, find success there?

#3. Why do you say you owe your success in this quit to a website?

#4. Why, now that you have been quit so long, do you continue to spend your time there?

In the next few minutes I am going to try to answer those questions. Then I am going to turn the floor over to you, my fellow EXers, and ask you help make this something that the new people here will understand!

#1. This site makes a difference because there are people here, from all walks of life, that understand what you are going through as a new quitter, as a mid-range quitter, and as a long term quitter! There are people here who, if you will, have "been there and done that". There are "First Responders" to introduce you to the site! There are "Professors" who have a vast storehouse of knowledge that they will share with you! There are the "Cheerleaders who will always be here with encouragement when things get rocky! There are the "Dispenser of Tough Love" who will tell you what you need to hear, even when you really don't want to hear it! There are the "Motivators" who lead by EXample and always have a way of making you better than you think you can be! There are the "Entertainers" who can make you laugh when you want to cry. And there are "The Fighters" here who fighting everyday to stay alive while they wait for new lungs, or a miracle to save them! They selflessly share their agony, and misery, in an effort to save others from the fate that has befallen them! Why does this site make a difference? It is the people you find here!

#2. The answer to this one is pretty simple! On-going support! Many of us have support in the early days of our quits. It comes from family and friends! However many of them are not smokers, and never have been! They think if you quit for a week., or two weeks, or a month, that you done, and it is over! This is a horrible addiction and it requires on-going support! The people here understand that, and they are always here for you! Why do people finally find success here? It is because of the people they find here!

#3. The reason that I say I owe my quit success to this site because of a phenomenon I discovered here! I have termed it "Collateral Kindness" Helping yourself by helping others! What a way to quit! What a way to live! The way that you help people get to the top of a mountain is to go with them! When they get there, you are there too! The day that I came to understand that, was the day that I knew, without a doubt, I would never put another cigatette in my mouth! Why do I owe my quit to this site? It is because of the people who showed me "Collateral Kindness"!

#4. The reason that I stay here is because I have learned something that I feel a need to share! The greatest yearning of all animals is the desire to be Free! Some years ago a very intelligent chimp was taught sign language. The first complete sentence he signed from his cage was "Let me out"! The people of this site and the "Collateral Kindness" that I have found here, have have shown me the path to FREEDOM! Now that I am indeed FREE, I want to share that path with those who come behind me! I feel an obligation to those who are still shackled, and live as slaves to their addiction! Look to us my friends! We will hold open the doors to your cages! And we will "Let you out"! Live FREE!! And live well!                      Tommy