The best thing about the Freedom Train is....

Blog Post created by pir8fan on Jun 8, 2015

......that when a switch is not made properly there is no big wreck! No one gets killed! However, people do get hurt!

Today there was a missed switch, and a couple of people were not celebrated! My dear friend PattyCake had three years today! I am very sorry that we missed that big milestone! Pops had 50 days today! That is the first major milestone of a quit! Pops, I am sorry we missed you!

Shawn will be driving the Freedom Train tomorrow! And, I know it is not the same, but, we will celebrate both of you tomorrow!

Also I am planning Game Night On The Freedom Train for this Thrusday night! It will be Music Trivia night! We will try to be better organized for this one! If anyone would like to be the moderator please contact me!!

Once again, PattyCake and Pops, please accept my most sincere apology!! Both of you are very much loved here!