First, and Foremost, Protect Your Quit!

Blog Post created by pir8fan on Jan 18, 2015

As we sail our ship through the troubled water of life, everyone, and every event, we encounter is either a Sail, or an Anchor! If we are to reach our destination, we must identify each one of these as such. We must choose our Sails well, and run them high upon the mast, to gather the winds of success. We must also cut loose the Anchors. Identify those people, and events, that would drag us down, or hold us back for their own purposes. They are our Anchors!

We must also jetison the dead weight that we are carrying along. The thoughts of inadequacy, and seeds of self doubt, that others have burdened us with, are dead weight. And while this dead weight may not sink your ship, it will make your voyage a longer and harder one!

Keep close watch on your sails! Steer your ship to keep them full of the winds of promise. Beware that some of these sails may fail you! Your most vibrant colored, and strongest sail may fade, and tear away. It may fall useless upon the deck. You may be tempted to keep it, for the good that it has been in the past! Look beyond that temptation. For it will lay there, and rot. It will become more dead weight. Jetison that as well!

Focus on you goal! Keep your Determination at the forefront! For Focus, and Determination are the linchpins of success! So, sail on my Friends! Freedom is not only your destination, it is part of your journey!

As you sail through life, I wish you fair winds, and following seas!           Tommy