Did you ever ask yourself.....

Blog Post created by pir8fan on Mar 16, 2013

.......what you really know about your Friends here!

Many of you have benifited from the quiet wisdom of RickM! Do you wonder what he is like in person? Does Cindy(Determined in Dakota) really carry a large caliber hand gun to shoot nicodemons from the windows of the Freedom Train? How about Sarah? What drives her to reach out every week to those who are walking the trails of no-mans-land? SkyGirl is known for her impromptu parties here! Is she that quick to party, in person? Will Dale show up??

Answer these questions, and many more!!

In just 60-61 days the desert is going to erupt! Out in Nevada, a small town, known mostly for people playing cards and video games, and keeping it's secrets, will be invaded by a wild group of US!! Yes!! The EXer's are headed for LAS VEGAS! May 17th(16th for some of us)-20th we are going to show this quiet little town what a party looks like! Harrah's Hotel and Casino will be party central! If you do not have your reservations yet it is time to get a move on!! Be part of the EXcitement! If you are going to be anywhere, this is the place to be! See me for your first drink!

For details join this group! Don't sit home, and wonder what you are missing!Come be part of the fun and let those back home wonder what you are doing!!        Tommy