Thank you, and you, and you!

Blog Post created by pir8fan on Nov 17, 2011

Sheri pointed out this morning on the Freedom Train that Thanksgiving is only one week away! But, I can not wait a week to say what I am thinking! Today, and right now, I want to give Thanks to all of the calm voices of reason! I know that we are all having some struggles with the site changes! That is to be expected! We all want things to get better, but most of us want nothing to do with the "growing pains"! There are a select group of people here who are not only identifying the problems, but taking steps to help correct them! Some are working person to person with others, some are making Admin aware of what is good, and what is bad. Some are doing both! The important thing to see here is that these people are the glue that is holding this site together during some trying times!

All of you, and believe you can recognize yourselves here, I Thank you! All of the people here, including me, owe you an unending debt of gratitude. Keeping this lifeline of support open is an EXtremely important thing!

In the last couple of days I have had contact with a couple of people who found support here, and have since moved on! One had a quit of well over 600 days with the occasional help of the people here. That person left here because of philosophical differences! That person is now on day 9 of a new quit! I believe that the support here made the difference! I had e-mail contact this morning with one of our long time "serial quitters"! This person struggled here long before I ever arrived! During the year and a half I knew this person at this site there were, I believe, 4 different quits! So they smoked for abour 6 weeks during that year and a half! And they kept trying! Offended by the term "serial quitter" they left! Now the effort is gone. This person went from a "serial quitter" who smoked sometimes, to a smoker who smokes all the time! When they were here they had a chance! Without our support they are lost!

Some will say that neither of these people were commited enough! I believe that the members here at this site strengthen peoples commitment every day! I think that there are a lot of folks that were not commited enough,until they found "Collateral Kindness" here to strenghten their resolve! I believe that I am one of those! So today and last night as I messaged these friends, I was grateful for e-mail. My tears for my friends did not stain the pages of a computer screen!

So, one more time, I want to give Thanks to those of you who hold us together in times of trouble! You will never know how many lives you are saving! God Bless you everyone!                 Tommy