It must be my Quit!

Blog Post created by pir8fan on Sep 29, 2011

I have been fighting off some pain and swelling in the right side of my neck since Sunday! This morning at 4:30 the the pain woke me up, and refused to be ignored any more! I finally got in to see my Doctor this afternoon! She did a strep test and was surprised how qiuckly it reacted! Soooo, I have strep-throat! No big deal! Anti-biotics for a week and anti-social for two days! But the question remained, where did this come from? then I came home and saw my quit clock on my page and realized that I have not had a cigarette in 636 days! That has got to be it! I have been reading everyone else's blogs and realize all the problem that are caused by our quits.............................................. Wait a minute! I had strep-throat a few times when I was still smoking! All of the other things that have not been good since I quit are not new either! When I caught that cold, that was not my quit! I had colds when I was smoking too!

It is just life happening! We will all have thing that go bad in our lives! The nicodemon will tell us that the quit is responsible! Do not listen to that little     bast  jerk! He is trying to steal your quit! He is trying to steal your life! Do not let him get into your head! Your quit is not causing physical problem! It is giving you your life back! Keep your Focus!! Never lose your Determination! And send chicken soup!