The 4 Stages of a Quit!

Blog Post created by pir8fan on Sep 25, 2011

               The 4 Stages of a QUIT(As I See It)


#1. Unconscious Incompetence! This is the beginning of your quit! You have no idea what your addiction is all about, or how to overcome it! At this point you depend on your enthusiasm, and pride to get you through!

#2. Conscious Incompetence! Now you are starting to understand the magnitude of the task you are undertaking! But you still don't know if you can do it! The people in your life, who have never smoked, have dropped their support because they no longer believe that you need it! It is a time when we lose many of our newbies. For the ones that stay, this is the time that you begin to understand the importance of you friends here! We will help you maintain your enthusiam! We will remind you to be proud!

#3. Conscious Competence! You are past the hardest part! You understand what it takes to maintain your commitment! You see yourself as a non-smoker! You have a grasp of the importance of 'Collateral Kindness"! You appreciate the fact that you can indeed help yourself by helping others!

#4. Unconscious Competence! You have this! You do not even have to think about it anymore! You are a non-smoker for life! You have reached a point where nothing would make you smoke even one cigarette! Your pride is at its highest point! Some of you will hang around here to watch, and help others to the mountaintop where you reside!

Many quitters will spend a long, long time vacillating between Stage #2 and Stage #3! Set your goal for completing all 4 Stages! Once you reach Stage #4, you will see all of the rewards that you have been expecting from your quit! Welcome to the Mountain Top! The view is awesome!!! My name is Tommy, and I will help you get up here!