The Freedom Train!! Never Forget!

Blog Post created by pir8fan on Sep 11, 2011

Good morning fellow EXer’s! This morning before the Freedom Train begins its run to Freedom from the bondage of tobacco, I cannot help but comment on the anniversary that we acknowledge today!

  Ten years ago today, a brainwashed group of radicals got up and hi-jacked America! They hi-jacked passenger jets, and flew them in to the Twin Towers, the Pentagon , and due to some brave people, who realized that they were going to die either way, into the ground in Pennsylvania! Some would say they hi-jacked a religion. I will leave you to your own thoughts on that one! They hi-jacked our security! They hi-jacked our very Freedom from fear! They hi-jacked our innocence!

 From this event America came together as one. For one brief hiccup in time we spoke with one voice! We proclaimed that we would “Never Forget” This morning as I hear what I call “The Roll Call Of The Dead”, I wonder how many of us have kept that pledge! This is not an event that should be remembered once a year! This event changed the very fiber of Freedom! This event not only affects you when you go to the airport! This event has changed the face of our country!  Let us keep our pledge to “Never Forget”.  As we approach our next political season, let us pay less attention to those who promise to micro-manage our economy and our entitlements! Let us look to those who will protect our Freedom and get out of the way of American exceptionalism! Return to us our Freedom and watch America shine! We can rise again with one voice! Let that voice proclaim “We Will Never Forget”!  “Never  Forget” the innocent. People who died for no greater reason than the fact they were Americans! “Never Forget” the first responders, who ran into places that everyone else ran out of!” Never Forget” the unsung heroes who did not get out, because they were helping others! God, Please Bless America!

 This morning the Freedom Train will make its first stop in Florida! This young Lady has 50 Smoke Free Days behind her! I, for one am very happy to welcome Kaylie here! At the young age of 20 she represents the fact that young people recognize the need to break the chain of addiction! I hope she will carry the message to her peers. The message that you can quit! And there are caring people out here, who will give you the tools and the knowledge to do it, without judging you! Congrats Kaylie, on the first 50 Days of your New and Improved Smoke Free Life!

 The next stop is to pick up Curt(ckpoe) in Chicago! Curt Also has 50 Smoke Free Days behind him! He recognizes that he is in a fight for his very life! While we have not heard from Curt for about 20 days the Train is going to search Chicago until we find him! So Curt come on out and get on the Train! The celebration is about to start!

 This Train is bound for FREEDOM from the Evils of tobacco and smoking!!